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Upload, Edit, And Send Your Custom Lease

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Lease Agreement Tool
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The Only Custom Lease On The Market

Meeting in person to sign leases was so 2019. And you know what? So was using someone’s base lease agreement when every situation is different! That’s why we decided to be the only software for independent landlords to offer a fully customizable electronic leasing feature.

With ZenLord Pro, you’re able to upload the lease of your choosing, edit/drag n’ drop to prepare it to your satisfaction, and send it out to your tenants for e-signatures. No more paperwork, no more hassles.

Landlord Powered & Fully Integrated

Don’t spend time with awkward meetings to get a lease created and signed, use the ZenLord Pro Lease system.

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Emailed to Tenants

Fully Integrated

Zenlord Pro Features

We make being a landlord easy. One login. One solution.

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Collect Rent with Ease

Collect rent and late fees automatically. Use our express payouts to receive your funds at industry leading speeds.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Powerful and easy accounting software to keep track of your real estate investment automatically.

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Tenant Communication

Communicate with ease! Message back and forth, send photos and videos, create groups for portfolio-wide notifications, all from your dashboard.

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Lease Agreements

Upload, edit, and send your own lease documents. Tenants can review and sign all from their phone. *Coming Soon*

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Tenant Screenings

Send applications and screen tenants. Choose from our 3 screening options to get the information you need to secure the best tenants.

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Maintenance Tickets

From creation to completion, managing your property’s needs has never been easier.